Trident Series Volumes 1-3 Table of Contents

The Trident Series Volumes 1 – 3 Table of Contents

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Volume 1: The Trident and the Book

Table of Contents
Chapter I. The Gift
Chapter II. Stilmar Pond
Chapter III. Hail, The Savior
Chapter IV. Mandy Blackthorn
Chapter V. Alison d’Ambrose
Chapter VI. Rothwood Castle
Chapter VII. The Rescue
Chapter VIII. Lady Ursla of Hollybine Wood
Chapter IX. Trapped
Chapter X. Darless
Chapter XI. Zaire
Chapter XII. Caleb Durward and Dispater
Chapter XIII. Lady Ursla’s Challenge
Chapter XIV. The Theos Tree
Chapter XV. Such a Deal
Chapter XVI. Morrigan
Chapter XVII. Farewells


Volume 2: The Trident and the Scepter

Table of Contents
Chapter I — The Call
Chapter II — Grand Central Station
Chapter III — Nightmares
Chapter IV — The Plains of Gorsagatha
Chapter V — The Ruins of Leeds
Chapter VI — Five Minutes in the Abyss
Chapter VII — Ravenwash
Chapter VIII — Twin’s Town
Chapter IX — The Twins
Chapter X — The Conference
Chapter XI — Of Plans and Sewers and Chaos
Chapter XII — The Day Before — an Unexpected Guest
Chapter XIII — The Assassination
Chapter XIV — The Legend Awakens
Chapter XV — The Battle for Freetown
Chapter XVI — The Ride Like the Wind
Chapter XVII — The Dead Sea
Chapter XVIII — Of Giants and Dwarves and Sulfur
Chapter XIX — The Confrontation
Chapter XX — Of Plans and Snow
Chapter XXI — Salvation
Chapter XXII — Plight on the Plains
Chapter XXIII — Home at Last


Volume 3: The Trident and the Resurrection

Table of Contents
Chapter I — The Winter
Chapter II — The Village of Horgath
Chapter III — Steinfold, Rhineland
Chapter IV — Of Threngold, the Brown Dragon
Chapter V — The Journey to Canyon Lands
Chapter VI — The Plight of the Children of Wavapata
Chapter VII — Glasya
Chapter VIII — The Nabassu Hatchlings
Chapter IX — The Fall of the Marquis de Gritz
Chapter X — Crossing the Canyon Lands
Chapter XI — The Black Scorpions
Chapter XII — Threngold
Chapter XIII — The Tower of Archmage Sarah le’Gard
Chapter XIV — The Descending of the Tower
Chapter XV — The Confrontation
Chapter XVI — The Chamber of Horrors
Chapter XVII — The Weddings
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