Without Warning

Without Warning

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Without Warning      $16.99;      434 pages; Copyrighted 2010, 2012, 2014  by Vic Broquard;
Third Printing; Broquard eBooks;  ISBN: 978-0-9819453-5-4  Amazon also has the ebook version.
A “Wonderland” fantasy novel adventure. Zed encounters a desperate young woman, whose mother has vanished. Miranda seeks his aid in finding and rescuing her, but from what or where? During home renovations, her mother discovered a strange, magical portal and vanished through it into a strange wonderland world. Zed and Miranda follow after her, hoping to find out what happened to her mother and bring her back to their Peoria home.

In the process, their very reality is challenged. Upon arrival in this strange world, they meet first a talking turtle, squirrel, and rabbit who are having a tea party. From here, it only gets stranger and stranger.

This is a funny, sometimes humorous, exciting adventure.

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Artwork by Crooked Willow Studios.

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