The Adventures of Elizabeth Stanton Volumes 1-13

The Adventures of Elizabeth Stanton Volumes 1-13

Cover: Elizabeth Stanton Series

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This series of thirteen books shows the evolution over time of both societies and human aberrations, caused in no small part by the direct control of three different groups of aliens. The premise is that people are spiritual beings that inhabit physical bodies and have minds. Further, traumas block memories of past lives as well as inhibiting recall of previous lives and dictate in some measures the person’s behavior in their current lifetime. The aliens aid in the forgetting process by latching onto the spiritual being whose current body has just died, electronically zapping them, scrambling and altering the memories in their mind, and then implanting commands to be obeyed in the next lifetime, such as “You are no good,” “You are worthless,” and “You are stupid.” Thus the commands buried in these moments of pain and unconsciousness impact the person’s next lifetime; the person will believe utterly that they are “no good” or that they are completely “worthless” or that they are incredibly “stupid.”

Through the thirteen novels, Elizabeth Stanton and her group discover what is actually happening on their world of Tarra. Namely, the aliens created Tarra as a dumping ground for all their own spiritual beings that they found objectionable in their societies – those who upset their societies: scientists, revolutionaries, artists, great thinkers, and of course criminals. Thus, these three different alien societies dumped these unwanted beings on Tarra, their penal colony, forcing the beings into physical bodies with enough traumas so that the beings could not leave the bodies (until it died), were convinced that they were nothing more than a physical body, and could not remember their previous lives. Stanton and her group reverse all of this over many hundreds of years, drive out the aliens, and develop a therapy to undo this horrific damage to the people, set against the long term evolution of the many societies on Tarra.

It is my own personal belief that such a notion of trauma blocking past memories may well be germane to our own world and people. Thus, I purposely intended for the reader to pick up on the allusions to the “Mediterranean Sea, the Sahara, Middle East, the Roman Empire and northern Europe,” though with one exception, the rest of Tarra is vastly different. I hope this tends to make the reader ponder the idea that past traumas might be adversely affecting themselves and how it might actually work, as well as some hope for how such traumas might be uncovered and erased, as well as what the results of doing that might just be. Explore how aberration is created and propagated across lifetimes. Is this parallel to our own lives and world?

Volume 1: The Evolution of the Path

©2005, 2012 by Vic Broquard; Third Printing; ISBN: 978-0-9767863-1-3

This is the first novel in the series and begins in relatively primitive times. The world is called Tarra and that portion where she lives is called the Greenway, a land of rolling hills and forests. A group of druwids look after the well-being of the people who live here. Organized into Circles of Seven, these people have a profound love of Nature. Follow how the six year old Elizabeth Stanton grows up and becomes the leader of her Circle.

When she and her Circle have finally graduated from their ten year course of studies, they are given the task of traveling about the world in search of ways and means of stopping the invasion of the Centurions from a southern land called Megalos. They travel through the Lands of the Seven Sea Princes which are currently being invaded and conquered. Two of the three alien groups, the grey giants and the giant mantis creatures, are uncovered in this first novel, though their purposes on the world are as yet unknown.

This novel follows her exploits until her body is killed, while she trying to reason with an insane king. Now once more free of a body, she is given a new task and body by the founder of the druwid movement, charged with finding out all she can about the Great Messiah who has recently been born and reputedly is to save his people in Juda Arad from the Centurions.

Volume 2: The Great Messiah

©2005, 2012 by Vic Broquard; Third Printing; ISBN: 978-0-9767863-0-6

This is the second novel in the Elizabeth Stanton series. Having acquired a new body, that of a young girl who has nearly died from a viper bite, she befriends the young Great Messiah, Jes. He has the goal to bring spiritual freedom to his people. Follow the exciting action as he attempts to bring such to his people in Juda Arad, a land that has been under the domination of the Centurions for a great many years. When he fails, his family immigrates to a far distant island, West Reach, there to try to build a new life, renewing their goal to free all men.

However, a new threat comes from the northern steppes, the Galt cavalrymen invade the countries of Tarra, wiping out the Centurion control over most all areas. Over a period of several years, these barbarian horsemen systematically loot all countries as they head for the greatest prize of all, Megalos itself. With the apparent death and resurrection of the Great Messiah, the ten disciples split into several groups and found the religion of Jehosanity, each with their own twists on the original preaching of Jes.

Unbeknown to all except Bethany, Jes, and the druwids, several alien creatures are actually controlling the minds and the history and development of all the people on the planet. In an attempt to eliminate the grey giants, Jes is killed and the grey aliens eventually come after Bethany, perceiving her as their last threat to their secrecy on Tarra. Her relatively longer life is ended by an attack of these creatures. Thus, once more, she is forced to acquire a new body, to get back into the game of life.

Volume 3: Of Kings and Queens and Troubadours

©2005, 2012 by Vic Broquard; Third Printing; ISBN: 978-0-9767863-2-0

In this third novel in the Elizabeth Stanton series, stunned by her body’s recent death, she acquires a new body only to find that it is a male body and that a significant number of years have passed while she was unconscious. Struggling with this change of circumstances, she must continue her quest, to find and rescue Alabaster.

When only fourteen, his family is wiped out by an attack from the south. Fleeing with his sister, Fianna, they must elude the raiders and somehow survive. The plan: form a roving band of troubadours and travel the length and breadth of Tarra, searching for the druwid leader.

Using this cover, the band of musicians slowly grows as they travel. Many wild adventures accompany their every move, including several encounters with the mysterious Grey Giants, and they begin to see just what the Grey Giants are actually doing to their society.

With Alabaster rescued, the two devise a plan that may eliminate both the two strange species who have been controlling evolution on Tarra.

Volume 4: Chaos in the Aftermath

©2007, 2012 by Vic Broquard; Third Printing; ISBN: 978-0-9767863-5-1

This is the fourth novel in the Elizabeth Stanton series. Ket (Elizabeth) and Caitlyn take up married life as King and Queen. However, their kingdom has suffered greatly from last years devastating war. It will take a massive rebuilding effort to secure their kingdom. However, their towns are now minus nearly all younger men, two towns prime for the taking. Surely another king will attack them and soon, looking for the spoils of war.

Yazi and his Church of Jehosanity assumes even more control over Megalos and the Centurions. He takes the most feared assassin in all Megalos under his wing as his Security General. Worse, they learn that the Great Messiah’s wife had children. Off go the assassins to eliminate all of Jes Amir’s line. Worse still, the Guardians, as a movement are dying. Ket must find a solution and fast. Larger events on Tarra overshadow the island’s woes. Megalos is plotting another campaign to retake their lost colonies of the Sea Princes, while the Galts of the Northern Steppes are slowly capturing all of the Greenway. Velona, under Elona Po’s rule, has become a shining example of a most successful kingdom. In fact, it has become the artistic and Gnostic center on all Tarra.

Volume 5: Power Plays

©2007, 2012 by Vic Broquard; Third Printing; ISBN: 978-0-9767863-6-8

This is the fifth novel in the Elizabeth Stanton series. For a time, she is running two bodies at the same time! Ket barely recovers while at sea in his funeral boat, while she begins a new life as a new born baby girl. Confusing? Yes, she gets very confused, but finally sorts it out. Ket dies not long after, while stealing the incriminating documents of Pope Yazi I.

Upheaval is the order of the day across all of Tarra, especially across the occupied Sea Prince Sectors. Within each sector, the people handle the suppression in different ways, each trying to throw off the yoke of the Holy Paladins from Megalos. The Pope and the Mano del Dio clamp down even harder, becoming utterly ruthless towards the women within these sectors. The Santi del Dio must now cope with the messes being forced onto the Sea Prince population. Many people make their thrusts for power and control.

The centuries old aberrations being inflicted upon women come to the forefront in this chilling tale of power and resolve. Yet, ever the Santi stand alone against those who would enslave.

Volume 6: Age of Exploration

©2007, 2012 by Vic Broquard; Third Printing; ISBN: 978-0-9767863-7-5

This is the sixth novel in the Elizabeth Stanton series. With the invention of the fast caravel, she embarks on an exploration of the entire world, becoming the first to sail around the world. They encounter many new civilizations that were totally unknown to the known world. However, always in mind is their mission to track down any surviving Grey Creatures or mantis monsters, who have been inflicting pain and aberrations upon the people of Tarra, and destroy them.

Shocking is an understatement for what they find in many of these new lands. The many surviving mantis creatures are still active, brutalizing women. One by one, the explorers rescue numerous people who are in dire need, taking them to the safety of the Santi fortresses and the rehabilitation facilities of the Laird Foundation.

As they nearly finish their voyages of discovery, they again run into more of the mantis creatures. This time, Elizabeth herself becomes a victim of their brutality. Yet, she recovers and continues her fight against these despicable aliens. However, few actually suspect the magnitude of the aberrations that these

Volume 7: Abducted

©2007, 2012 by Vic Broquard; Third Printing; ISBN: 978-0-9767863-8-2

This is the seventh novel in the Elizabeth Stanton series. At long last, she discovers the underlying truths behind what has been happening on Tarra over the centuries. It is shocking beyond belief. The revelations come after she is abducted by the aliens, not once, but twice. A Grey Creature has returned to Tarra and his first action is to abduct and imprison those people who are trying to help the people out of their dark ages. Hence, the key inventors and spiritual healers are abducted and maimed and imprisoned in the desert, where they cannot escape nor can they be rescued.

With help from her husband and her own skills, she gets everyone rescued. However, not long after that, she and her children are again abducted, this time imprisoned at an alien base underneath the North Pole. Here, she finds others who have been abducted for an even longer time.

This novel finally solidifies the methods and the how behind the major aberration implanted into the people of Tarra and provides an insight into aberration and how it is propagated between generations. At last, the large picture emerges.

Volume 8: The Emperor and Empress

©2007, 2012 by Vic Broquard; Third Printing; ISBN: 978-0-9767863-9-9

This is the eighth novel in the Elizabeth Stanton series. Although all is finally calm in the Sea Princes, it is not elsewhere. Ancient prophesies come to the forefront, causing her to take preventative measures. She picks up her new baby body down in one of the newly discovered lands. Not just any baby, the one of which the prophesies claim will become the Empress of Demokritos, the country deigned to soon conquer the entire world, subjugating it to the Emperor’s will. This, she cannot allow to happen, it would mean the destruction of everything, including the freeing of all spiritual beings.

She does become the foretold Empress. Now she must work behind the scenes to prevent the Emperor from attacking her own family from last lifetime, who live in the Zargarb sector of the Sea Princes. Follow the intricate means by which, though nearly helpless, she manages to salvage the Emperor from his folly and save all of Tarra from being destroyed in massive wars.

Volume 9: A Job Worth Doing

©2008, 2012 by Vic Broquard; Third Printing; ISBN: 978-0-9801260-7-5

This is the ninth novel in the Elizabeth Stanton series. Picture a perfect society, a whole country without any crime, where anyone can walk down any street at any time without even a threat of a pick pocket. Picture a country where all children are fully educated until they are fourteen. Picture a country where there is no divorce, couples are happily married for life. Picture a country where all live in harmony and no one goes hungry. Picture a people who are very religious and always attend church. Ah, the perfect society of millions.

Yes, the perfect society was created centuries ago by the alien Mantis Creatures on the island country of Dorota. Now Bethany must discover if the Mantis are still there and if so eliminate them. If they are not there, she is charged with finding a way to help these millions overcome their horrible situation. She gets involved because emissaries of Dorota are now moving to the western lands and spreading their religion and ways of life to these lands. Their mission: make all women armless as they are on Dorota. Bethany heads to Dorota to put an end to this brutality and insanity perpetrated by the Mantis Creatures, down through the centuries.

Volume 10: Degradation

©2008, 2012 by Vic Broquard; Third Printing; ISBN: 978-0-9801260-9-9

This is the tenth novel in the Elizabeth Stanton series. A third alien race has been discovered in the heavily populated country of Tashien. Now these aliens have left and the overall suppression of the men and women of Tashien is ended. Unfortunately, the alien’s suppression has driven the average person there down to emotions close to death itself. Now free of this suppression, many begin to rise into the anger and hatred zone. The entire country is thrown into utter chaos, as overlords fight each other for control, once the leaders, the Empress and Emperor, are assassinated. Their chaos now has spread to many other lands and countries. Bethany now must travel there to deal with the mess and attempt to bring some order to Tashien. The utter degradation that she discovers is beyond words.

Opium addiction has become a problem in Velona, her home town. Crime there is escalating and must be handled. The opium is coming from Tashien. Up in the Northern Steppes, invaders from Tashien are waging war against the nomads of the Steppes. The world is slowly coming unhinged. Follow the exploits of Bethany and her friends as they tackle three major problems at the same time.

Volume 11: The Second Crusade

©2009 by Vic Broquard; Third Printing; ISBN: 978-0-9819453-2-3

This is the eleventh novel in the Elizabeth Stanton series. After a period of peace combined with more inventions, the Church of Jehosanity launches another attempt to conquer its archenemy, Velona. Instigating a new approach to control countries that it dominates, the church creates the Confessore del Dio, who go into action striking hard at opponents of the church. With the support and backing of the Church, the Greenway kingdoms launch an offensive to conquer the remaining free countries of the Sea Princes. This yields the Second Crusade for Religious Freedom across Tarra.

With the obsolescence of the Santi del Dio, Bethany and her group found the next organization, the Banca del Dio, handling the monetary funds for the entire world. New inventions and the evolution of their society combat this new threat to peace.

Volume 12: When Worlds Collide

©2009 by Vic Broquard; Third Printing; ISBN: 978-0-9819453-3-0

This is the twelfth novel in the Elizabeth Stanton series. The mantis return to Tarra and find spiritual beings are out of their prison cells, their human bodies. Frantically, the mantis must take drastic means to get their millions of prisoners back into their cells. The mantis destroys the entire island of Dorota and kidnap Bethany and her friends, using their bodies to perfect the mantis’ genetic cure designed to keep spiritual beings securely inside their cells, their bodies. Bethany cleverly minimizes the mantis genetic mutations, but the plague is unleashed anyway.

She and her group manage to prevent the entire world from being victimized by the plague. Next, she works hard to assist the many plague victims and then cleverly devises a cure for the plague.

Volume 13: Dark Ages

©2009, 2012 by Vic Broquard; Third Printing; ISBN: 978-0-9819453-4-7

This is the final novel in the Elizabeth Stanton series. All three alien races return to Tarra, dumping the last of their undesirable spiritual beings onto the penal colony. However, this time, the mantises handle the massive “prison break” before anyone discovers their presence, unleashing a worldwide plague that is designed to force all spiritual beings back into their prison cells. Once more, Bethany and her group eliminate these aliens, but are too late to prevent the plague from affecting everyone on Tarra.

The results very nearly destroy all civilization on the planet, which enters a very Dark Age indeed. While Jes and his group work on erasing the traumas enabling the people to regain their native spiritual freedom and abilities, Bethany and her group work on salvaging the countries, one by one. By the end of the novel, the true native powers of a spiritual being become manifest, near godlike powers, offering true hope for mankind.

All artwork by Crooked Willow Studios.

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