Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

We no longer sell ebook versions. Get the paperback versions from

When you purchase a paperback, the book has a link for you to download a pdf version and all the sample programs.

Free Instructor/Teacher (or Possible Adoption) Copy Procedure

If a text is adopted by a school, the school is entitled to as many instructor copies as are needed. Or perhaps you want to review the book for possible adoption in your course.

If you wish to have a free copy to review for possible adoption, send an email with your details and request.


Free Reviewer Copy Procedure

Broquard eBooks is happy to make free copies available to qualified reviewers. You will be asked to provide appropriate information on your potential review, such as the magazine, site and so on for which you are doing the review. In return for the free copy, Broquard eBooks expects to receive a copy of your review, whether favorable or not. Send an email with your request details.

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