Trident Series Volumes 1-3

The Trident Series

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The Trident Series Volume 1 The Trident and the Book

©2000, 2008, 2012, 2013  by Vic Broquard; Fifth Printing;   ISBN: 978-0-9705697-1-4;
Broquard eBook  $14.99   pages: 306  Amazon also has the ebook format.

John Brown, senior music student at the University of Illinois, is bequeathed a strange leather book by his grandfather. He soon discovers that the book is a compendium of magical portals to other worlds and is thrust into solving the mystery of his developing mental powers while doing his best to avert a major war with possibly world-ending consequences.

Jon is assisted on his quest by two new friends: Mandy Blackthorn, a beautiful ranger of the forests, and Alison d’Ambrose, a powerful magic user. To save their own lives from demons, they must unravel the mystery of the war; they must find out who is behind it and why. But their troubles have just begun. Ultimately, they must face both the Arch-devil Dispater and the Goddess of War, Morrigan – an explosive combination with their souls at stake.

Invoking both Celtic and Finnish mythology, The Trident Trilogy leads readers on a genre-bending adventure that spans the universe.

Volume 2: The Trident and the Scepter

©2003, 2008, 2012, 2013 by Vic Broquard;  Fifth Printing;  ISBN: 978-0-9705697-8-3  pages: 692  $25.00
Amazon also has the ebook version.

Jon Brown has graduated from the University of Illinois School of Music, a fledgling musician. He has purchased a beautiful old lakeside estate with money from his grandfather. But money isn’t the only thing he received as an inheritance. He also came into a possession of a strange book which acts as a magical portal between worlds.

It is through his travels to these new worlds that he has discovered new companions and the love of his life, Alison d’Amandrose, a powerful magic user.

Sitting on the grounds of his new estate, Jon senses something is very wrong with Alison and heads to her world. He finds her nearly dead, torn apart by strange demon bugs from the Abyss. With the help of Mandy and Darless and Lady Ursla, Alison is restored to physical health, but her mind remains tormented by the attack.

They set off on a quest to find out who sent these demon bugs and why. Along the way they find keys to Alison’s past and as Jon’s mental powers increase, he is given an important title by Father Ukko himself.

Little does Jon realize the disastrous consequences that this may have on his and Alison’s future…

Volume 3: The Trident and the Resurrection

©2004, 2008, 2012, 2013 by Vic Broquard; Fifth Printing; ISBN: 978-0-9705697-0-7;
pages: 734  $25.00   Amazon also has the ebook version.

Jon Brown, a fledgling musician, and his fiancé, Alison d’Ambrose, uncover additional clues to the destruction of her family’s castle some twenty-one years ago. They know they must resolve the mystery of the brown dragon.

Their search for the dragon is derailed for a time when they reach the Canyon Lands, whose inhabitants are plagued by vile demons from the Abyss brought forth by the terrible and powerful Marquis d’Gritz.

Through many trials, the do discover the identity of those responsible for the destruction of Alison’s family castle and rush off to confront them. However, the perpetrator has been dead for at least five years. Searching her tower for additional clues, they face almost certain death. Can they survive?

All artwork is done by Crooked Willows Studio.

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