Innovative Books for C++ & Game Programming and Exciting Novels

Books for C++ Programming, Games Programming, and Science fiction and Fantasy Novels

We offer a complete series of C++ computer programming books from the beginning level through advanced level, Windows MFC Programming from the beginning level to very advanced, Game Programming, C# Programming, and Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels.

These very readable books can help you learn programming on your own. Become an expert. Each book comes with many, extensive, and complete programming samples, and not just simple programs. Many illustrate sophisticated features, particularly in the more advanced books. No matter what your current C++ programming level is, we have that next book for you to further your programming skills. When in doubt, check my Blog article on which path is right for you.

Check out the free sample data structure classes and sample programs and games from the Games and Windows Programming books. See for yourself what you can learn to do! Free Debugging C++ lectures and samples used in the demos.

C++ Programming Ebooks

cover for c++ for computer science and engineering ebookcover for beginning data structures in C++cover for advanced data structures in c++cover for object oriented programming in c++








Studying these books in sequence will take you from knowing nothing about C++ programming all the way up through the advanced level ready for fancy Windows Microsoft Foundation Classes MFC programming and into games programming as well!

Windows MFC Microsoft Foundation Classes Programming in C++

cover for windows mfc programming Icover for windows mfc programming II





With your solid knowledge of Object Oriented Programming in C++, you are ready to tackle programming with the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC). The first book teaches you the basics, while the second thousand page book covers very advanced topics. Completing these books will allow you to write most all kinds of Windows applications! A Windows programmer is a very rare person indeed! The free Hunter Collection Manager program is an example of Windows MFC programming.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels

cover for planet of the orange-red sun science fiction novelcover for without warning fantasy novelcover for the trident fantasy novel seriescover for zoran chronicles fantasy novelcover for elizabeth stanton science fiction novelcover for lindsey barron fantasy novels









For fun and relaxation, check out the exciting and fascinating Science Fiction and Fantasy novels. Several consist of up to fourteen books in the series. You’ll get hours of enjoyment reading these.

C++ Game Programming Books

cover for game programming in C++cover for non-graphical games programming in C++




How do you write a game? You’ve got ideas and a design, but how do you tackle the problem? This is answered in these books. Game Theory focuses on how to make realistic simulations in 2d or 3d situations, while the second book focuses on how to setup the various different types of game engines.

To get the most out of these, you should be familiar with OOP classes as covered in either Beginning Data Structures in C++ or in C++ Object Oriented Programming. Some of the sample programs are graphical in nature. To get the most out of these, you should be familiar with Windows MFC Programming I as well, though that’s not required. Very readable, these books teaches you about the physics behind games as well as their design. Robust sample programs illustrate the principles.


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