The Return of the Wizards Table of Contents

The Return of the Wizards Volume I – Twelve Companions – The Making of Wizards Table of Contents

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Chapter I — The Encounter
Chapter II — Malazar, the Wizard
Chapter III — Of Doubts and Preparations
Chapter IV — The Hill View Affair
Chapter V — The Message
Chapter VI — Journey To Hays
Chapter VII — Defense of Hays
Chapter VIII — Retreat to Feanor Bridge
Chapter IX — Of Fairies and Tales
Chapter X — The Water Boils
Chapter XI — The Red and the Yellow
Chapter XII — The Splendor of Eldamar
Chapter XIII — Of Fire, Logs, and Light
Chapter XIV — Journey Under Fire
Chapter XV — The Charge of the Seven
Chapter XVI — The Battle of Beregrin
Chapter XVII — The Second Council of Marc
Chapter XVIII — Eleven Companions — an Interlude
Chapter XIX — The Taming of Schlemloch
Chapter XX — Of Visitors and Minds
Chapter XXI — Pixcies
Chapter XXII — The Mountains of the Moon
Chapter XXIII — The Jungle of Winianie
Chapter XXIV — The Grey Army
Chapter XXV — Out of the Oven and into the Icebox
Chapter XXVI — Khorizaba, Land of Snow and Ice
Chapter XXVII — Over Peaks and Under
Chapter XXVIII — Of Death and Life
Chapter XXIX — Kalhari
Chapter XXX — Kahill, the Twelfth
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