Assembler Language Programming for IBM Mainframes Table of Contents

Lab Manual for Assembler Language Programming for IBM Mainframes Table of Contents

Back to previous book promo page1. Introduction to Assembler Language Programming
2. Elements of an Assembler Language Program
3. Main Storage – How Data Is Stored
4. Defining Data in Storage
5. A Simple Assembler Program Shell
6. Movement of Data in Main Storage
7. An Introduction to Debugging
8. Printer Control and Creating Report and Column Headings
9. Comparison of Character Data
10. The Use of Internal Routines and Performs
11. Basic Packed Decimal Arithmetic
12. Advanced Packed Decimal Instructions
13. Editing for Printed Output
14. CSECTs and Base Registers
15. Fixed Binary Arithmetic
16. Advanced Binary Operations
17. Simple Looping and Internal Routines
18. Machine Instruction Formats
19. I/O Registers (Locate I/O) and Dummy Sections
20. Some Miscellaneous Instructions
21. Indexing and Table Handling
22. External Subroutines
23. Concepts of Parsing
24. Introduction to the Operating Systems: DOS and OS
25. Advanced Instructions
26. Using the Interval Timer
27. System Internals II – I/O
28. Read and Write I/O Macros with Blocking/Deblocking Theory
29. Data Compression/Decompression Theory
30. Multitasking
31. Channel Programming
32. User Written Macros
33. Reentrant Load Modules

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