Behind the Scenes of the Reclamation Series

Behind the Scenes of the Reclamation Series of Three Novels – the Back Story

The Reclamation Series examines our future world, beginning in the year 2270. Via many medical advances of the past century, world health care has taken an enormous step forward, thanks to the psychs with their fancy implant machines, the drug manufacturers, and the corporation executives, who now control the world. The psych drug Pytalon coupled with their PDH (pain, drug, hypnotism) implant technology has turned civilization around—no more wars, no more criminality, and jobs for everyone! Utopia. The Total Care program provides jobs, homes, food, and clothing for everyone, using the motto “From the Cradle to the Grave.”

Except, the drug turns people into mindless, glassy-eyed zombies who can no longer think and who obey their implanted commands. Worse, corp executives turn some women into their “ideal woman,” called Exotic Escorts (EE women), sex doll or toys for the wealthy.

The first novel, For the Want of a Pill, examines just what the world is like. Apparently, a worker on the Pytalon production line fails to inject the drug into the pill base. Those who then get these faulty pills begin to come off of the psych drug, whose withdrawal symptoms are particularly nasty, causing many to hallucinate and become “insane,” sometimes murdering others. This happens to two exotic escorts, whose sponsors are vice-presidents of Pytalon Corporation, Chicago. The pair manage to survive the withdrawal symptoms and are finally able to think for themselves, the first time in eight years. They plan to flee their sponsors and start a new life.

A number of disorganized underground groups exist, working to undo the terrible mess, but each has totally different motives and methods. Two young men known as Weasel and Wart are world-famous as a computer hacker and “trouble maker,” respectively. Other disgruntled members of their group hijack the airliner, the two EE women, and their sponsors as they are leaving to go on their trip; they fly it into the Pytalon Corporation skyscraper, severely damaging the main production lines. In the process, they force the two EE women to flee for their lives, and Jessica and Amanda end up at the hideout of Ben and Tim, the Weasel and Wart.

Fallout from the ill-conceived attack forces the four to leave their safe house and travel under the guise of corporation executives of a refrigerator manufacturing company. They meet a young woman, Lisa, who believes she has a way to get a person safely off drugs and to get the residual aftereffects of the drugs out of a person’s body. However, as she graduates high school, she is implanted and drugged before the four can get to her. Still, they rescue her.

The ill-conceived attack brought the Feds, the Federal Elimination Division and Security, onto the case to apprehend the terrorists. The Chicago leader is Peter Delius, one of the few people in the country who isn’t on Pytalon or implanted. While he captures those who executed the attack, he has suspicions about Ben and Tim, but Jessica and Amanda play “dumb,” convincing him they had nothing to do with the terrorists. Peter has other plans though. Power corrupts him. People not on Pytalon and implanted are the ones causing the problems in today’s society, he reasoned, so why not get everyone on Pytalon? By this, he means the corporation executives, who had been exempt from the beginning, along with many of the members of the Feds. Thus, he devises a clever scheme to do just that.

What about the evolution of the world? Back in 2015, global warming became widely recognized as a serious problem. Scientists and engineers tackled the problem, solving it by the creation of a new green technology, the electromagnetic engines. Two families, Waberly and Michaelson, turned this technology into flying transports, the inexpensive EMAC (electromagnetic air car) and the giant Air Liners. Unfortunately, the men were implanted and dosed on Pytalon, becoming mindless zombies. Thus, it was up to their wives to complete the task, which they competently did, halting global warming. Coupled with this new technology was the MTE, mass transit escalators. By 2270, every town and city had these systems installed, usually over the top of what once had been highways.

However, Jessica and Lisa invented ways to undo what was done to a person. Lisa’s methods safely got a person off of Pytalon and other drugs by sweating them out of his or her body. Those who simply stopped taking the highly addictive drug usually went insane and killed themselves or others. Hence, Lisa’s methods became the only safe way to undo the addiction to the psych drug. Necessity drove Jessica to discover and invent a science of the mind, by which she could undo the mental implanted behavior patterns, erasing the trauma the person suffered. Both processes took time and only handled one person at a time while the world had billions.

The second novel in the series, Organ Donors, gives clues about how the world got this way. It was the design of key men, who worked for years to bring the world into the current state. These few men had a deep seeded and hidden terror of men and women, a terror that controlled their lives, thoughts, and actions. Worse, these men accumulated vast wealth, the ultra-wealthy. Their terror drove them to form a secret Cabal back in the 1990’s. Initially, their objectives included controlling the Congress and President, by funneling vast sums into their elections. These men also controlled vast corporations. By 2020, they controlled the government of most countries.
As expected, the nationalized health care program of the US bankrupted the government and many other countries as well. At the same time, their people invented the PDH implant technology as a way to totally control a person, forcing them to carry out specific behavior patterns. They also invented the Pytalon drug. With the collapse of the world’s economic system, the time was right. The Cabal then brought Total Care online, which promised jobs, housing, clothing, food, and an income to its participants, From the Cradle to the Grave. No one could avoid joining up, except for the Cabal members and corporate leaders, at least initially.

Thus, by 2270, these few men of the Cabal, who were driven by their hidden terror of other people, finally began to feel comfortable. All people were now totally controlled zombies. They could relax at long last.

During these early years, giant strides were made in two arenas. First, the Cabal men financed secret cloning operations, creating perfectly matched clone bodies, which were used as organ donors extending the lives of these Cabal men. Later on, the Transference Machine was invented, which somehow transferred the person’s mind into another human body. Between the organ donors and the transference machine, these original Cabal men continued to live and work towards their goal, which they nearly reached in 2270.

The flaw in their grand plans came from some of these clones, these organ donors. Six of them were incredibly intelligent and discovered the truth and escaped, setting in motion the downfall of the Cabal.

Thus, the fate of the world rested on the backs of a few brilliant men and women, who simply refused to give up. Their desire to reclaim the world wins.

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