The Second Video in the How to Debug C++ Programs Is On YouTube

How to Debug C++ Programs Lecture 02

The second video in this series is now up on YouYube. In this video, I show you how to use the basic features of the debugger to find the errors in programs. Step Into and Step Over are explained along with Continue and how to set and remove breakpoints at key locations. The Watch window, Auto, and Local windows are used effectively to keep track of variable contents.

See how to use these in combination to more effectively and rapidly find the errors in your C++ programs. Watch the video. Subscribe to the channel to get automatic updates when subsequent videos in the series are released.

You can also comment on them and I am open to your suggestions on what other topics you would like to see hints and tip on – just let me know.

Here’s the fast link to the video:
Debugging Lecture 02

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