Hello Everyone

Hi Everyone,

Here’s our new www.Broquard-eBooks.com website!

It’s a drastic change in website design and I hope you like the new look as much as I do. It is many times easier for me to maintain and is supposed to be setup to be viewed on any device, including mobile ones too.

Some things have changed. For previous book buyers, the biggest change is that there is no longer a way to log in and download books that you previously purchases. That old log in-pw system is gone. If you need to re-download an ebook, contact me via email. See the Buyer’s Guide for more details. So yes, you can still re-download the books that you have purchased in the past.

In case you are interested, the site uses cookies, since I just couldn’t modernize the old database version. Okay, I know, everyone uses cookies these days, lol.

by Vic Broquard


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