The Fourth Debugging C++ Video Is Up on YouTube

The Fourth Debugging C++ Video Is Up on YouTube

Hi All,

I’ve just uploaded he fourth lecture on Debugging C++ to YouTube. This time, I present the 8 Steps to Effective Debugging. Failure to follow these makes debugging a nightmare. Following them makes your task easier and more productive. I also provide four key definitions that people often are a bit shaky on and also the Four Classes of bugs.

This is the starting point for our examination of more difficult debugging examples as well. However, in this video, I’ve chosen a simple Windows application that illustrates a hard crash as well as a memory leak. You don’t need to know Windows programming to follow the debug session, though.

In the near future, all of these debugging programs will be available as a free download on this website. That way, you can experiment with them directly.

Have fun with this one,


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