The First Debugging C++ Programs Video Is Up on YouTube

Debugging C++ Programs Video Series

I’ve begun a series of videos on Debugging C++ Programs . Debugging: is it an art or science? When I’m helping my students with theirs, some claim that it could well be a magical art ! This series is intended to illustrate many methods for locating run time errors in many kinds of C++ programs. Perhaps, it is a bit of both. This series will help you learn more about the tools that are available to you, how to use them to track down errors, and something about the “art” as well.

The first step is “an ounce of prevention.” In this video on debugging C++ programs, I show you positive steps that you can take in your coding practices to keep bugs minimized. Of course, if you love to debug, then ignore and skip this video and just look at the ones to follow. In this video, I show you two excellent methods to prevent run time errors, including using the C++ error handler (i.e. try-catch logic).

Link to video

Let me know what you think of this series. Also, I’m open to suggestions for further “how to” videos that you’d like to see. Let me know your ideas and we can make a fun project of learning.


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